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  • Coaches can assign a team parent to rotate out snacks for the group.  Please remember the kids that may have a peanut allergy.
  • Game slots are every 1 hour 15 minutes---15 minutes is to get on and off the field/warm-up- Please stay on time within your time slot.  The start times are:  8:30am. 9:45am and 11:00am
  • U4’s and U5’s have 8 minute (4) quarters with a half time   -- coaches are refs --- one coach or parent assign to be the time keeper
  • U6-U8 have 10 minute (4) quarters with a shorter half time  -- coaches are refs--- one coach or parent assign to be the time keeper
  • Coaches may implement a few minutes between quarters to have a drink and sub out - its whatever works best for both teams as long as there are 4 quarters and each should match the age grouping above and either be 8 or 10 minutes in length with a half time and quarter breaks included which do not exceed the one hour total game time slot
  • U4’s normally play 3v3 *U5-U6 normally play 4v4 *U7/U8 normally play 5v5
  • Please remember if one team only has 4 players and another team has 8, you may want to loan the other team a player for the game.
  • Score is not kept, there are no goalies, and the coaches are the refs. Ensure the play is always kept MOVING (for U4-U5---just kick the ball back in the area of play or roll the ball in; U6 you can eventually work your way up to throw ins; U7-U8 should do proper throw ins and corner kicks--- no offsides.) You can have defenders, but they CAN’T stand directly in front of the goal, they need to remain outside the circle/arc and move with the flow of the ball. Please keep reminding your players not to just stand in front of the goal.
  • All players should receive equal playing time during games with a fair rotation and different starters each week
  • Be sure to match up players evenly with the other team’s coach prior to kick-off as to avoid unfair size or skill advantage
  • U4’s and U5’s at the end of the game can do penalty goals (always kindly work together with the other team’s coaches)
  • All games should end with the kids going through the tunnel and a team cheer!
  • Please ensure you assign a parent/player each week to collect all garbage at the end of the games/practices or please make a team effort to not leave a mess behind
  • Please be sure not to sit by the back fence during practice or games. We need to respect the neighbor’s privacy. If a ball is kicked over the fence, you can’t climb the fence, you need to go around and ask for the ball back

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