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  • Games

  • Red Light, Green Light

    Each player has a ball except the player designated as the light. Lines from start to finish should be approximately 20-30 yards. Players start a line opposite the light. The player who is the light faces away from the group and calls out "green light". Players begin to dribble towards the light. When the light turns around and calls out "red light", players must freeze their bodies and the ball. If the light catches players still moving, or dribbling, he send them back tot he starting line. The first player to cross the line where the light is standing is the winner and becomes the new light.


    Coaching Points:

    Encourage players to dribble under close control.

    This drill promotes quick reactions and dynamic balance...


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  • Running Bases

    Players try to dribble their ball without being tagged. If they get tagged, they exchange places with the "tagger"


    Have taggers carry a pinnie to distinguish themselves. Hand pinnies over to the player that is tagged and use their ball to dribble.


    Players are save in any one of the 4 bases. Only one player allowed in a base at one time. If a new players enters a base, the old player must leave.



    • Only one tagger

    • Fewer bases

    • Only one player in a base at a time


    For Older Players

    • More bases and taggers.

    • 2 players allowed in each base.

    • Play with fewer balls: can only be tagged if you have the ball. or, if you don't have a ball (balls must be passed).


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  • Protect The Cone

    Define a rectangular space. Each player starts with a ball and a cone. Each player must control their own cone while trying to attack and kick over other cones. Player must keep the ball under control while defending and attacking. When defending, try to block attackers by keeping your ball and body between the cone and the attacker. On attack, try to maneuver around defenders while controlling your ball to get a clear kick at their cone. If your cone is kicked over, you can set it up again after you do an exercise (situps, pushups, etc.), dribbling move or juggling of the soccer ball.



    Coaching Points:


    •  This game allows players to stay included by doing some remedial exercise. Choose activities that can be performed quickly so players can get back involved.

    •  Vary the activity to include exercises like pushups, situps, cartwheels and also dribbling; pull backs, stepovers, touches on ball, hopping over ball, etc.

    •  Make sure players control the ball while defending and attacking.

    •  Watch for players who DEFEND or ATTACK more often.

    •  Watch and help players determine when to attack and when to leave the cone, also when to defend and stay at home around the cone.

    •  Help players remember to keep their body and the soccer ball between their cone and the attacker.

    •  Explosive, quick move will help attackers maneuver around defender.


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