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           Fusion Greatwood/Telfair Recreational Information


The Fusion Recreational Soccer Program is a community based program which has been formed to give players within the ages of 3 thru 7 an opportunity to enjoy soccer

U4, U5, U6 are co-ed & U7/U8 combine teams to form boys & girls teams

*The “U” stands for “under” the age of



*All players need to purchase cleats or rubber soled shoes, shin guards (appropriately wore under the socks), soccer socks, black shorts and a #3 size soccer ball. ** Please have all players put their full name and phone number on their equipment **

*T-shirts are on order and I will let your coach know when they come in, it should be some time the week before the 1st game



*Please contact all players before the first week of practice and introduce yourself, let them know their practice day & time

*Please start practice by the official first week of practice that is posted on the current season’s home page chart



*During practice & games, at all schools, you can not enter the school building.  There are no bathroom facilities available

  at the schools for us to use. We do not want to lose the ability to use the elementary schools, so please let be aware know if you break this rule, we will release your player from the program, no exceptions, no refunds.

*Practices are to be 1 hour long each week, same time and same location.

*Keep players well hydrated



*Please access our website www.fusionsoccer.org and select recreational programs. The recreational website will have the practice schedule, game schedule, lost and found, coach’s corner with information, maps, guidelines, pictures order forms, a snack schedule template and a excel sheet with all the coaches’ information

*You should be able to access your rosters and registration as well as send emails through Sport’s Ngin - formerly known as e-7.  If you have questions on this, please email me or call the director

*90% of contact by the director is done through the website and e-mail

*There are tabs across the recreational home page that offer a calendar ob the right with all the important dates for the next several months, as well as the schedules for the practices and games as soon as they are available.



*Schedules for games will be posted as soon as all team are formed, have coaches in place and t-shirts are ordered

*At Dickinson, please be sure not to sit by the fence (in the orange zone) during practice or games.  We need to respect the neighbor’s privacy. If a ball is kicked over the fence, you can’t climb the fence, you need to go around and ask for the ball back

*Please ensure you assign a parent each week to collect all garbage at the end of the games & practices

*Game slots are every 1 hour 15 minutes---15 minutes is to get on and off the field & warm-up

*Please stay on time within your time slot.  Games start at 8:30am**

*U4’s and U5’s have 8 minute (4) quarters with a half time of 5-8 minutes

*U6-U8 have 10 minute (4) quarters with a shorter half time

*U4’s play 3v3            *U5-U6 play 4v4 (5v5)              U7/U8 play 5v5      **due to team sizes all age groups by need play 5v5

*Score is not kept, there are no goalies, and the coaches are the refs. Ensure the play is always kept moving forward. You can have defenders but they can not stand directly in front of the goal.

*Telfair & Greatwood have different locations for practices but games will be played at either Cornerstone or Dickinson as home and away games based on the number of teams in each age group at each separate registered location

*All players should receive equal playing time during games with a fair rotation and different starters each week

*Coaches are encouraged to try to match up players with the other team’s coach prior to kickoff, to ensure the kids have more of an opportunity to improve their skill level

*U4’s and U5’s at the end of the game can do penalty goals if they want to

*No negativity with any child

*We encourage games ending with the kids going through the tunnel and maybe a cheer!




*Rainout number is 713-866-4036

*If there is a rain day and your team wants to make up a practice or game it is possible to reschedule with some coordination and communication between coaches and the availability of fields.


Have Fun! Go Fusion!

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